Hello!! How is your week going?! Mine has been crazy and busy as always. So I am half way thru my MTC experience now. Isn't that nuts?! In just a few short three weeks I will be a full fledged in flight missionary!!
Thank you all for your response to writing Elder Wickenhagen. It was sooooo cool. He got letters and he had no idea who they were from but it made his whole week. He just kept talking about how God does know what we need and he answers prayers. I know crazy right? I had no idea that it was that big of a deal or that he was going to be that touched by it but I was so happy to see that he was. And best of all he has no idea that it was through me :) I love my life and the many blessings that I am privlidged to see and have everyday. Oh and he finally got a letter from home as well :) 
Also on the topic of letters/mail. I recieved a CASE of carnation instant breakfasts this week so I now have a grand total of 80 packets haha. I think that should more than suffice to help me make it through the rest of the stay here at the MTC I probably will have to mail myself a box to the mission home before I leave because I don't know if everything will fit in my bags on the plane haha. Thank you all for being such a wonderful support system and for all your love!!
Sister Sorensen was called as the new Coordinating Sister!! That is so much responsibility. I am relieved it wasn't me haha. She is doing good at it though. :). It is strange to be seperated when she has meetings and stuff but I got to hang out with the new district and help some of those sisters so that was pretty sweet. Its crazy because I still feel like the newbie but I am not, and they look up to us like we know everything haha. One of our new sisters is from Eagle River! I forget her name right now but she is from the Alpinglow (spelling?) ward.  We also get another new district today with six sisters and six elders. Last sunday the MTC created a new branch for all the Spanish speaking missionaries that are coming in because there are so many that our existing branches can't hold them all.
They added the new bunkbed to our room this week. It is crowded now haha but we are adjusting.
Hermana Sorensen and I met the Elders going to Fresno with us in three weeks!! We met them while waiting to go into devotional so that was awesome.
I got another mini journal to have everyone on my mission write their testimony in it was a great idea I got from the district that left last week. I guess that is my request this week. Please write me your testimony this week. I want to have them all and put them in the journal :))
I love the food at the temple. They have real eggs there. I think I only eat those breakfast packets with milk and potatoes here at the MTC except for temple days hahha.
Daidre I got your wedding annoucement!! Less than a month away!?!?! I will hand write you a letter today too.
TRC was amazing this week. Hermana Gibby this older lady listened to us teach on prayer and she cried... yes cried when I bore my testimony. That was so amazing to see the spirit work through me in the Spanish language that way.
Struggled alot with more feelings of inadequacy this week but I know that the Savior would never tell me I am not good enough that he loves me and is always looking out for me and trying to help me. Those feelings is just Satan trying to get to me.
Scripture of the week Mosiah 2:41
Out of time... Actually over my time limit eek
Love you all!!
-Hermana Miller