Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bendiciones: Blessings

Hello :) Lots of Love being sent your way. Can you believe I have already been here one month?! Four whole weeks today. And funny thing is I don't really miss that life I left behind. I am so glad to be here. It's hard to think that in just two short weeks I will be leaving the MTC after just finally getting used to it and being here. BUT I am so so EXCITED for California and the work that is waiting for me in Fresno. :)))

I'm trying hard to think of what even happened this week. I sang in the choir at the devotional last night. I sat in the very first row. Isn't that insane? Who would have thought I could sing in a choir. The song was AWESOME. I seriously recommend looking up "Faith of Our Fathers, Living Still" (St. Catherine) at least that is what the sheet music said it was called. It just felt very personal and dear to me.
I love being a missionary. I love learning about how to better love and serve others.
I had a funny moment this week when I realized I really am a teacher now. I NEVER have had any desire to be a teacher, but you know I think that for this it will be ok. I believe and love what I get to share with others. But it really was like slamming into a brick wall when it hit me that I am a teacher. I was like "nooooo; what have I done" hahaha. But it is good. I have all of the resources I need and hopefully I'll turn out to be at least half decent at this ;)
One of my favorite things this week has been getting letters with all of your testimonies <3 You are all so Amazing!! You strengthen my faith and resolve. I am so grateful for all of your examples.
Oh and I am sick. Yep I got the cold. Went to the doctors got more medicine and am recovering. My favorite part of that was a two hour nap durning gym time yesterday. Ahhhh that was a glorious nap. You have no idea how much you come to appreciate things like that when you are doing 16plus hour days 7 days a week. I just put on my hoodie some socks over my tights and climbed into bed my companion cranked our heater to like 85 and I was gone. Such bliss.
Our district sang in sacrament meeting this last week too! I almost forgot to tell you. It was beautiful. We sang himno #49 which is Nearer my God to Thee in Spanish. I wish you could have heard it. I LOVE the Spanish himnos.
So I guess I will just share one of my favorite thoughts/insights from devotional last night with the last few minutes I have to type this email today. Last night Gregory A Schwitzer of the quorm of the 70 spoke. And he talked about a lot of things but what stood out to me was when he said that the rules or the commandments "become" a part of you. He meant it more as in you embody them or you live them to the point they define you, which is good and true and I liked that. BUT what I liked even more was the spiritual impression I got when he said it that becoming more like the Savior by living the rules and commandments are becoming to us, as in they make us better mentally, physically, and spiritually. Idk if that really makes sense I hope it does because it was such a cool realization for me. That living in a way where I express love and righteousness helps me to reflect the Savior's love and those are such "becoming" features.
Challenge for the week: Thank the Lord each and every day for the progress you are making and/or a small tender mercy you have recieved that day. Do it in prayer or your journal or both but it seriously has helped me so much to stop and think each night about what the Lord has done for me that day even if it is only learning one new word of Spanish. (It almost is never just one little thing... But that is still a good place to start!)
I love you all but am out of time! Please know that I love you and think of you often. Thank you for your continued love and support :)
Hermana Miller

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