Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Su ama: His Love

Ahhhhh only 20 minutes to write and WAY too much to cover!!
First off hello!!
 How are you all doing? I love and miss you. I wish I had time to write/email each of you individually!
Crazy busy week. I am one week exactly from the field. I leave here on Wed the 27th, (so expect a call home family from the airport and I apologize in advance if it is early) and to the rest of you if I don't get an email typed up next week because I don't know when my new P-days will be I am sorry. With this in mind I don't think I will get any dear elders sent after 12 noon Tuesday the 26th and they won't get forwarded to the mission home!!
At TRC (teaching resource center) this week we taught one lesson for 40 minutes. I thought we did pretty well. But on our feedback slip the Lady said that "these two sisters didn't speak much Spanish"... Talk about disheartening. One week and it is all real life though, real people, and real problems. I think we have come along way though and that Heavenly Father will help us where we are still lacking.

So this week we had to go to the ER. Sister Sorensen was having extreme stomach pains (not surpizing from my view of the food... jk jk). Anyhow we spent Friday night at the hospital and didn't get home till 2am saturday... she is such a party animal ;). I can joke about all of this now because she is feeling better lol. But I just want to share a little snippet of some of the miraculous things we witness here, and what happened that night. First off getting out of the MTC bubble for the 1st time in 5 weeks was extremely weird. I don't think anyone who hasn't served a mission can fully appreciate the saying "in the world but not of the world"; WHOLE new perspective. ((I also noticed I am craving some wendy's I miss frosties hahaha, we saw it in the shuttle that drove us to the ER.)) I also felt so bombarded as we walked into the waiting area with two different tv's going, so much is always going on and most of it has nothing to do with anything of import or actual human interaction; so grateful I am "unplugged" for 18 months... it is so refreshing. Anyhow serval amazing things happened in that little waiting room, and I am so aware that the Lord knows me individually and personally. As we sat there a Hispanic couple ran into the ER, with the father holding a bundle in his arms. Both husband and wife are crying profusely. Neither spoke ANY English. Another nurse comes out as translator. Sister Sorensen and I wait and watch from our seats. That bundle that the father was holding turned out to be a little girl maybe a year and a half old. She was so still. The triage her and the girl continues to be unresponsive, she wont even grip a finger in her hand. By this time both my companion and I are crying. It sounded like the girl had fallen somehow. The put a neck brace on her and rush her back to be treated. We prayed fervently for her and her family. We asked another nurse later about her knowing she couldn't give us details because of patient confidentiality but she told us everyone had lived that night so I took that as good news. I feel so much closer to my Heavenly Father and Savior now, I think it took really getting into that ER to realize it though. I WANT to help people; in a way and to an extent I never have before. I wish it was possible to describe how I feel. I just want to help people in ANYWAY possible. Christ is really the greatest physician. The gospel blesses lives and gives peace.   
Many things still on my mind. Please remember how important families and marriages are. My heart goes out to each of you with the many unique trials you are each facing. Know that the Lord always provides a way for his will to be accomplished and that he knows what you are going through and he will use these trials and weaknesses to polish and perfect you. Turn to him for comfort. He is waiting to help and bless you.
I love you all,
Hermana Miller
PS I lied last week it was I need thee every hour that my district sang... not page 50 which is what I told you (they are next to each other in the himnos lol). sorry 

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