Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Essentialism with Greg McKeown

Family and friends!! 

Well an interesting and uneventful week here in Los Banos. 

Illness has been floating through our companionship and I was ordered to sleep again (one afternoon for at least an hour), which in the end helped a lot and I am finally feeling back to speed. It is just frustrating to not be able to do the things we are supposed to be. Then yesterday Sister Clawson was VERY ill and so we were in ALL day. Yep all day long in the house, no church, no teaching, no visits. Sister Sorensen and I watched EVERY church produced video we had. We also made delicious vanilla cinnamon pancakes. If you need a video to watch may I suggest The Testaments, Legacy, or the John Tanner story. Also this months Ensign was a good read. 

Visiting with a new investigator this week was a tender mercy for me. She was a referral from a member and when we 1st met her and offered a blessing on her home she was in tears and crying, she felt strongly she needed a blessing. Then we offered to come back and water for her (she has a hard time getting around), which we were able to do a few days later. Then a few more days pass and we called her up and asked if we could come over right then, and she said "oh yes, please I need help bringing in my groceries". We helped her bring in her groceries and taught her the Plan of Salvation. She said that she feels we have been sent to her. That we call her every time she needs help and that all the things we taught her were helping her to fill in all the missing pieces of her puzzle that she never has been able to figure out.  That is the blessing of the gospel!! 

I've been making progress in my Bible reading. I am so glad I decided to read it cover to cover and NOT skip anything. So many people told me to just skip Numbers. That Book has so many GREAT stories!! For Example: Moses and the House of Israel messing up and now will wander for 40 years (how that happened/ a year for every day out so far), Moses hitting the rock and waters flowing out (did you know he was in trouble because he hit it? The Lord had commanded him to talk to the rock), the Donkey's mouth being opened by the Lord, and more (KAIL: Read Numbers Chapter 11 especially verse 20). 

Lastly I would just like to leave with some thoughts and notes I had while in an Essentialism Training with Greg McKeown:
1. Don't try and be ALL things to ALL people. 
2. We need to PRUNE our lives. That means cutting perfectly good healthy branches, so that a few can grow stronger. (Think Good, Better, Best Principle) 

Hermana Miller 

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