Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sometimes Bird's Poop on You... Literally


Well it has been another crazy week here for me in Los Banos.

 We discovered yet again how NOT from the country I am. We were driving out in Dos Palos (all farm land) and we missed the turn. There were cars in both directions on this little two way street but my companions both thought I was absurd for not just flipping the U-turn right there. Then a little while later I tried to pull off and park on the narrow shoulder but my tail was still in the street. I thought I should find somewhere else a little wider to park but they thought it was perfectly normal to have it hanging out there in the middle of the road. Sister Sorensen looks at me and says, "You've never been in the country have you?" haha. Oh my... I have so much to learn. 

Tracting this week has been a whole other adventure. Who would have thought I would meet people who thought Mormons are the KKK or who were dating a "Mormon Gone Wild"? Not me, but we did. BUT they weren't all bad haha. We also met Monteserrat who is amazing. She has the BEST questions any investigator has ever asked. She is a single mother of one and her son Joshua is a cutie pie. She says we are wasting our time, but she is learning so much and so happy to talk with us. She loves the Plan of Salvation and that all religion doesn't have to be guilt and hell. How sad it must be to live your life thinking that you can't be forgiven and will go to hell no matter what you do! I'm so grateful for my understanding of the gospel and for the Atonement. How sad life would be without a Savior who loves us. 

We were able to go and do another Zone Project this week . Sister Sorensen and I weaved grapevines through a lattice type structure, while Sister Clawson was painting the pool fence with the other sisters. It was a lot of work but very fun. 

MIRACLE! So remember Angelina? We have been trying without avail to keep contact with her family. It is a hard situation and there is lots of family problems and stress. BUT this week we went to go visit her cousins who were baptized last month and they were going to the Grandmother's home for a sleepover before the activity days girls brunch the next day. Their mom tells us that Angelina is at the Grandma's and that we can go over there and teach them all together! Needless to say we ran to the car and hurried over there. It was beautiful. Angelina's WHOLE family was there, plus the Grandmother, and her cousins Audrina and Elayna. We taught about Prophets and it was just so good. I wish I could do it justice in recounting it to you but just know it was a major answer to my prayers. 

And yes, I was pooped on by a bird. That was absolutely disgusting. BUT I was a trooper. I used a napkin picked it out of my poor hair and kept going all day. The things that missionaries do... if only the people they served knew. 

Lastly we had 10 hours of church yesterday with the special broadcast. It was excellent. If any of you weren't able to watch it I recommend looking it up online. One of my favorite things that was said is that the missionaries are only here to ASSIST the members. It is so true. We're here and ready to help in any way we can but we really cannot do this by ourselves. 

I hope you are all having a good week and that all is well. You're in my prayers. Love and miss you! 

1 John 4:8 "He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

Hermana Miller

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