Monday, July 1, 2013

The Week of FIRE

Family and Friends! 

Lots happening here this week. Last week after emailing we had no letters to write so Sister Clawson got ear candles from GNC and Sister Sorensen got hair dye. So that is why there is fire coming off a stick stuck in her ear and we look special watching the district haah. Apparently the heat sucks the wax out of your ear... Kinda gross but cool at the same time. I gave my 1st church tour this week. That was fun. It is crazy how after 6 months I am still learning so much as I serve others. I love it. 

Other incident with fire makes me feel a little sheepish to admit. BUT it was amusing and so I figured I'd share it all with you. (Kail & Austin it really reminded me of something you would do). Sometimes as missionaries we get a little bored, well at least I do. So I decided to take my lighter (I carry it for an object lesson with tea bags) and thought it would be entertaining to try and light hand sanitizer on fire in my hand. Either I heard that story wrong or I have defective hand sanitizer. The hand sanitizer puddle in my hand turned into molten lava and did not light at all. I tried to hurriedly drop it off my palm but just then the wind caught my skirt and this molten lava hand sanitizer melted a hole in my skirt.... oh dear. Yes I really did that. Like a teenage boy. Maybe that is a sign I'm not focused enough haha... or maybe it means I'm really becoming a missionary... I can't decide which haha. I just kept thinking to myself afterwards how stupid that was and that I couldn't believe I had really done it; but I had... my skirt bears the scar to prove it. 

This last week I also went on my first member splits team up. So basically I taught the whole DeHerrera Family SOLO! My companions went and did our cleaning check after dropping me off at their apartment. That was scary. Needless to say I didn't go over the Word of Wisdom or Law of Chastity as we had planned. I didn't feel confident doing those by myself so instead I opted for the much safer object lesson about the Spirit with pepper, water, and dish soap. I think it went alright all in all. 

I'm still a back row sitter. It took me back to my Young Women's days when we were reprimanded for sitting in the back row during a Zone Meeting and "asked" to move to the front... I guess somethings never change. 

We've been working a lot with less actives and trying to get to know everyone in this area. It is hard. One of the wards for sure is technically the size of a branch. Everyone moved out of this area right after the ".com bust" and the economy got hit hard. There are all these streets with no houses and just lines where the houses were going to be built. But we are making progress despite the HEAT! It is just so ridiculously hot here. Alyssa had her sweet 16 this weekend. We helped a LOT with all of that. We helped make decorations and then set up the whole gym (it almost looked like a wedding reception it was so fancy). That night we made a brief presence to support her and her family. We almost made it out of there before I heard the Adam Levine song. ALMOST. I miss music sometimes... especially Adam Levine haha. 

Transfer calls this week! Sister Clawson is leaving to Fresno/Clovis area,  AND Sister Sorensen and I are staying here in Los Banos with both wards. I am really happy for this next transfer :)) It should be good. 

Also this week we contacted into an unknown member. We were out offering blessings door to door and walked up on this moving truck. The ladies immediately asked how we knew they were there! Haha we had no idea they were there or who they were. We had actually been contemplating knocking only a few houses in the other direction on our way back to our car but felt we should do their little cul-de-sac. They seemed surprised when I wouldn't take "no" and "we don't need help" for an answer and just climbed up in the moving truck in my skirt and started hauling stuff... But hey it worked, the lady sat down and talked with us then ;). Come to find out the lady who we shared the message of the restoration with is a cousin to the girl moving in (who happens to be a member). It is no coincidence that the Lord knows where each of his children are and when to send help to them. 

We also have been working with Taufu a Tongan girl in the ward who is preparing to go on a mission. It is so funny to think how little I knew about mission life before I got here. I can see that in her. I hope that the things we are sharing with her are really helping her to prepare. She is so sweet and eager to learn. 

Love and miss you!!! 

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Hermana Miller 

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