Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hide & Seek, More Fire, and the Stomach Flu

Hello Family and Friends! 

Another exciting week in Los Banos. 

At our district meeting this last week we played hide and go seek and then related it back to how it is kind of like finding investigators. It was hilarious though to crawl under the table in the high council room with one of the senior missionaries. Those poor elders couldn't find us. (Haha who would have thought the highlight of someone's week could be hide and go seek?) 

I had fish for dinner this week! I was definitely apprehensive when I heard "fish" was on the menu. But the tapia was surprisingly good and tasted a lot like chicken with just a different texture. But my favorite meal of the week by far was homemade taquitos!! Beef and potato goodness served with sour cream... what more could you ask for?? (I will say another top pick would be tri-tip... it is a special cut of steak that is unique to this area, and it's pretty delicious). 

I burned off some of Sister Sorensen's hair this week... COMPLETE ACCIDENT! haha I don't know if I have mentioned "ear candles" before... but anyhow she was doing some ear candles and needed my help to trim the ash of the candle off every couple of inches. Well some of this ash dropped off and landed in her hair and well a few strands were lost. Luckily she just laughed about it and you can't even tell that there was any hair lost. 

A difficult investigator this week. He is the son of a former investigator, and was introduced to us through our ward mission leader. He says he wants to learn but he really doesn't. He just bashes on us the whole time. He believes that women are inferior and that we can only communicate to Heavenly Father through a man... He also believes that he will become a tree after this life and communicate through telepathy.  We try and explain concepts to him but he only believes in the New Testament and just starts going off about random things probably snippets from Revelations but we aren't really sure. Anyhow it makes me really grateful for my knowledge and testimony. Also I think I have grown a lot... I didn't lose my temper with him even while he was goading us on. 

But on a good note we taught a lot this week! And Howie is going to be baptized on Sunday!! We are so excited for him. 

Lastly yesterday I was super sick. I caught a nasty stomach bug somewhere. We didn't even make it outside. I'm doing better today and hoping to be over this soon. 

This picture is out in front of one of the members home... we really do serve out in the boonies ;). The worker man with his sombrero was looking at us like we were crazy for taking a picture with the cows. 

Jacob 2:8 "...pleasing word of God, yea, the word which healeth the wounded soul"

Hermana Miller 

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