Monday, July 15, 2013

A Tough Week

Hello Family and Friends,

It has been a challenging week for us here in Los Banos. We went and did a lot of contacting and knocked a lot of doors. We had someone while street contacting covertly bash us... he said he was trying to teach us how to teach with the Spirit and just kept demanding to know if and when we were "saved". Then a different day we were informed (at the last house on a street) that this street had been contacted by Jehovah Witnesses the previous day... explaining the strong no's we kept getting (more than the usual amount). My favorite rejection line I've decided is "Sorry, I'm on a buisness call", I should use that more when I get home. This week I also experienced my first door SLAMMED in my face... the whole house shook, and as we walked away the door re-opened and the man yelled at explicitives at us and told us we couldn't read. I just have to keep going back to what Christ and his disciples experienced, and none of this comes anywhere near that. 

BUT on a good note we got dinner from a taco truck one night. It wasn't very delicious but now I can say that I have experienced it. And getting to do a new member lesson with Anthony was probably the highlight of the week for me. We got to read The Children's Book of Mormon Stories with him. He is just always so excited to learn. 

Please keep us in your prayers.  

1 Thes. 5:16 "Rejoice Evermore"

Hermana Miller

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