Monday, September 23, 2013


I have so many wonderful experiences and much exciting news to share with you all again this week! 

One day while visiting with Julie and Kent their youngest daughter called from Nevada and we were able to give a harvesting blessing over the phone. It was such a touching moment. I never would have thought that on my mission I would help unite families through the gospel by praying long-distance over speakerphone. We are so lucky to always have a way to communicate with the ultimate source of power, our loving Heavenly Father, no matter what type of situations we might be in. 

Favorite moment of the week: Grace (a seven year old) telling us that "Sisters (sister missionaries) are like Milk and Cookies!

I just have experienced so much happiness, true joy, and satisfaction this week. I know that this is where my Heavenly Father wants me right now. This is hard work and requires so many encounters with disappointment, sorrow, and rejection... but I know that I am being polished and refined and I am grateful for it. There truly is no greater calling than to be a representative of the Savior of the world. Some highlight moments of the week were receiving sweet texts of gratitude in the form of heartsongs, and drinking rootbeer milk. [I know it sounds strange but rootbeer flavored milk seriously is the BEST! If you have ever had a good blended rootbeer float then you would be able to appreciate the cool refreshing smooth flavor of this divine milk. Thank you Hanford local dairy.]

Abuelito (Little Grandpa) had his birthday this week. (He is the non-member father of our ward mission leader). I made him a card in Spanish (all he speaks) and it said he was the greatest, but asked why he was not baptized haha. Luckily he took it as funny and wasn't offended so it was good. We so love their family. 

We had lunch one day this week at Sizzler with the Gunns (Senior Missionary couple that work in the prisons). I was happy to be able to pair their phones for them and sync their contacts (blessings from growing up in a tech world haha). I LOVE working with and being around the senior missionaries. They are such loving sweet people and have such dynamic Christlike perspective on all types of people and life. They all make me want to serve a senior couples mission. 

Some super glue attacked me this week. I was trying to fix my shoe which had a tear in it, and managed to spill on my dress (which is now spotted in a few places with super glue stains). Then it seeped through past my garments onto my leg and managed to singe me just a little bit, but I'm glad it was just a little drop and my leg is fine.  

Sad news of the week: Danny moved to Albuquerque. Hopefully he finds the church there. 

We were able to introduce Zaldy to the Pagan family this week and hopefully that connection helps them to see members of the church are normal people. 

Well with the first day of Fall also came a wind of change in the cooling air. Big News of the Week: TRANSFER CALLS! I'm headed north again! Up to Modesto 12th East. I'll be companions with Hermana Parra-Ortega (Hopefully I'll spelled that right). So yes it is apparently time that I really learn Spanish! We are being doubled into that area. AND Sister Gneiting and I are being doubled out of this area (she is headed to Barrio 15 in Fresno; so we'll both be in Spanish areas again). The audible gasp and incredulous "what?!" of our ward upon hearing the news during sacrament was reassuring to us that they do love us here. I'm nervous but excited for the change (and I'm not going to miss Hanford Water). 

I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and having a great week! Closing thought: turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.

Psalms 100:3 "Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are His people, and the sheep of his pasture." 

Hermana Miller

PS Pictures of the Maldonado Family (standing) and The Burns (sitting on the couch)

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