Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Donuts, Pig Snouts, and Heaven

Hello Family and Friends!! 

It has been a busy week here, with lots of stories to share. So please be patient if this is totally discombobulated. 

Favorite question of the week from a 9 year old investigator with all sincerity of heart, "If I make like.... 10 mistakes, can I still go to heaven?" Ah, I love that kid. 

Scary moment was a man we didn't know tapping on our car window in the middle of a prayer at night in a sketchy trailer park. Turns out he is a member and recognized our car from the Elders and the bike rack. Anyhow, he took and introduced us to another member family who lives over there... so it all worked out after the initial panic haha. 

Good exercise moment of the week? Sister Johnson and I making our mandatory morning run into a run for donuts. Haha it was so worth it... 85 cent breakfast to the rescue. 

This week was full of LOTS of driving. To Fresno to Hanford to Coalinga you name it. Craziness. 

Alright there was a very interesting exchange this week. This certain sister who shall remained unnamed is NOT very high on my list of people I want to be around. Ask me about it after the mission but seriously it was a disaster. She "corrected" me on buying an ice-cream cone while I waited in the deserted Burger King for her to use the restroom, she brought lice into my house (pray that we don't get it and know that is a whole other long story), and she forgot her towel so she decided it was perfectly normal and alright to use mine... NOT ok. This isn't even all of it but I just wanted to give you a snippet of what that day was like. I'm very grateful that she is not my companion all the time. Oh and for the heck of it I'll just ask you what she asked me "what type of sprinkler would you be?" 

Miracles of the week! Maybe this is just really one big miracle, but either way it is awesome. So we went to Subway for dinner one night and as we talk with everyone we offer a pass-a-long card to a very disinterested man in the line. Well the lady making the sandwiches sees this and asks us for a card. Pretty awesome. Well then after talking with her we set up an appointment to teach her family the next morning.Even more awesome! Then we switched companions for exchanges. The next morning as we go to that appointment as we are knocking on the door the sister on exchanges with me in Coalinga recognizes members from her ward (which is an hour and half away driving). We go over and talk to them and find out that they are family of a man in the Coalinga ward who I hadn't met yet. We go out to lunch with them and find out the member who lives in the Coalinga ward wants to go to the temple! (Which I guess has been a struggle in the past between the local ward and the family but now after this it sounds like everyone is ready to help get him to the temple!!) It was a miracle for sure. Heavenly Father truly knows where to put each one of every time. 

I gave a talk in sacrament about developing Christlike attributes. It was good. I was nervous because it was like an introduction of us as missionaries to the ward, but It went really well. The Spirit guided me to open up and share a personal story I hadn't planned on and I think it really helped the ward to connect. 

So all in all things are good and crazy here in Coalinga. We are seeing success and working hard. We had 29 quality lessons this week, and 12 member presents. Things are still rough but overall good. 

Oh I can't forget to mention the other time we ended up at a donut shop this week looking for a member whose address popped up as that on the ward list. It was this little Chinese food restaurant and donut shop combined and the lady was from Cambodia and didn't speak very much English haha oh it is always an adventure. But we'll go back because supposedly the man works there and is related to the son and was the husband of the lady but separated... 

Pictures this week are of me with pig snouts this morning at the grocery store and Sister Johnson and me on the way out to Avenal! 


Alma 26:12

Hermana Miller 

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