Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Out of the Shadow into the Sunshine

Well Family and Friends it has been yet another week! 

I wanted to share with you a tiny article from the January Ensign: http://www.lds.org/ensign/2014/01/can-he-see-me?lang=eng 

This article has truly been so helpful to me this week. I even found myself closing my eyes and soaking in the wonderful warm raise of the sun some days after I had read it. (And if you haven't tried doing this recently, you should go outside and try it. Guaranteed feel at least a half an iota better in an instant haha.)  

I'm sorry that I didn't write last week. Things were a little crazy here, but they seem to be sorted out now. Lots of news! 

We had a wonderful Relief Society Activity called "Chocolate Never Faileth". Seriously... Charity and Chocolate are ingredients to success. We discussed how the chocolate chip cookie came about. It was actually a fluke really the chocolate was expected to melt under the heat, but it didn't. So in the same way we need to keep our integrity even under pressure. There is so much more to it than just that but really I'd be better off just transcribing my notes. However, I didn't bring them... Sorry!  

This next week for Fast Sunday the whole state of California is fasting for precipitation. The drought here right now is horrible. The canals are all dried up and there still is no snow even in the mountains. So please join us with your prayers and faith. (And hey if it rains/snows before then we can give prayers of thanks!). 

One of the miracles this week came in an unexpected manner. We were out and about and we prayed to who to visit next. My companion and I came up with two different families after the prayer. We started heading over to the family that had come to my mind. I was nervous that this less active family would not let us in or be at home... that maybe it wasn't a spiritual prompting. As we drive to their home I, seemingly randomly, tell my companion of an experience I had while I was a sophomore in high-school... The elders came to our home one day after we had recently moved into a new house. They asked me if I would serve a mission when I was old enough. I told them that there was absolutely no way that could happen because I would be to busy working or going to school. One of the Elders asked me if I would serve if I got a full-ride scholarship. I figured sure, since that'll never happen. I shook hands with that Elder (whom I never saw again), not realizing that later in life that very scenario would come to pass and I would serve a mission. So anyhow, my fears of the family not being there were subsided as we arrive and the Father is out peeling off some old decals off his truck in the dark with a heat gun. (Note: this father is slightly crippled due to a work accident as an iron worker). I was so happy to be able to do such simple service and help pull of the decals, but the story gets better. (Note: I had no idea that this family had a 19 year-old son before we got there.) The message we were able to share with this father and son was soooo Spirit-filled. We talked about serving a mission and it was incredible. He knows what he needs to do, and I was just grateful to be able to be there and witness that confirmation come to him. I was able to testify of the blessings that come from serving a full-time mission that extend beyond self to your family. I might not have known what I was walking into as I followed that seemingly small spiritual prompting, but I felt the power of the Lord as we walked away at the end. 

Got to go back to Atwater this week on another exchange! That was pretty great. One of the same ladies I taught there on exchanges (maybe 6 months ago) finally set a date for baptism while I was there! Yay for Bonnie!! Another sweet experience on that exchange came in the middle of a lesson. The investigator's phone went off, and she answered explaining it was her daughter in Juvenal Hall. The phone was broken so they couldn't really talk, but the mother (investigator) said that she always accepted those collect calls even though she couldn't her or talk to her daughter, so that way her child would ALWAYS know she could call home. It hit me in that moment how lucky we are that we can always call home via prayer and talk with our Heavenly Father. He truly loves us. 

Lastly, TRANSFERS!! I am getting transferred to Coalinga to be with Hermana Johnson. I'm pretty sure that we are getting doubled-in, because that was an Elders area last I heard. (Plus Sis Johnson was serving in Lemoore with one of my prior companions this transfer). Sister Melling one of Sister Vernon's trainee's will be coming here to Yosemite to replace me, so I am sure they will have a blast together again. 

And that is all I got for you this week! 

Mark 4:26-29

Hermana Miller  

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