Saturday, March 1, 2014

Hearts and Love for Coalinga

Song to look up: "The Words I Would Say" by the Sidewalk Prophets. I don't really know much about this band, but a recent convert introduced me to this song this week and I rather liked it. 

Sorry this email is a day late! We were in Lemoore to play sports as a zone yesterday, and with the hour drive each way... well something had to shift. haha. 

This week we were able to do a lot of work. Valentine's day provided us with some great service opportunities to heart-attack people's doors. It was fun to sneakily post love filled notes and words of inspiration on their doors. 

AND I got to co on an exchange with Hermana Sorensen it was the BEST EVER!!!!! Ah I just love her so much, and we work so well together. Seriously it was a day in Heaven. While I was there in Hanford 2nd ward again I also got to visit Artie. It makes me smile just thinking about it!! 

I got a phone call this week that has made me reflect on my time left here. The mission office called to verify details and purchase my return ticket home... crazy!! I think it definitely caught me off guard, but all things have their own season I suppose. And I know that I still have plenty of time to work here and learn. 

Service highlight of the week was planting tulips. Well, tulip bulbs. Either way it was fun. 

36 quality lessons with 13 member presents this week! We are working really hard and have some really solid investigators. None of them are going to be baptized this month, but in the beginning of March for sure. With that being said, it is really difficult to not be happy when you are seeing so much success. Like our investigators are keeping their commitments and the less actives are coming back to church! It has really helped me to fall in love with this odd little town of Coalinga. 

Somehow I managed to get snagged to teach the Spanish Gospel Principles class last minute this week. I was totally unprepared and my Spanish is still atrocious, but thankfully the members helped me out and I feel like we all learned from the Spirit and had a good lesson! (Sister Johnson was teaching the lesson we had prepared for in the English class haha). Then there was still no one to translate for Priesthood meeting.... We totally felt like we were breaking some type of rule or code but it was good to be able to serve in that way. 

Miracle of the week? Setting a baptismal date with the 1st lady we met here in Coalinga!! We are pretty excited for Laura. We just happened to knock on her door the first hour we were here in Coalinga and although we haven't taught her much yet because she has been sick, she accepted a date!! I really like her besides that so I am just excited to get to keep visiting with her and help her feel the Savior's love even more in her life! 

Funny of the week? A woman we street contacted asking if I politely declined her offer to eat peanuts because of my acne.... haha what? what do peanuts have to do with anything? I just didn't want to share germs with a complete stranger or ruin my dinner, but sure lets blame it on the pimples haha. 

Hope that you are all doing well and having a great week!! I love you!!! 

Hermana Miller 

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