Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In the Lord's Vineyard

Sounds like it has been a busy and exciting week for you all! Good news is it has been here for me as well. Lots and lots of work to be done here in Porterville. We had our 1st baptism this past week. Jose Rios was def a very prepared investigator :). I'll try and send a picture if the computer will let me bc right now it doesn't look like it will. Lots of finding and blessings and prayers.  Funniest most unbelievable (or not me) thing I did this week was pray with three random men in Spanish in front of a corner liquor store... yep I really did that. haha. Scariest/saddest thing was probably this little kitty mill we saw outside this random house we were knocking on one day. More walking and biking. Some new investigators. Baby steps in progress on my language skills. I have exchanges with the English sisters in Tulare tomorrow while my companion goes to a leadership training. Lots of good work and miracles here. I am starting to get to know and recognize the members of the branch now. I think I have probably eaten at just about each of their houses now (lots and lots of tortillas which I am def ok with haha). Trying to work with some less active families as well, and seeing progress... well at least trust being developed there. Rained and was a little cold a few days but overall it is beautiful and sunshine all the time here. Getting back into the groove of jogging every morning finally. Daylights saving def threw me for a loop the other day (I was NOT excited to be woke up when I thought it was still 5:30... haha Sorry Sister Martinez). Not sure what else to write about so I'll prob go and do my other errands now but I love and miss you all!!

Hermana Miller

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