Thursday, March 28, 2013

The weeks keep rolling


Hello! How is life treating you? Things are still good here in California. I am getting a LOT of sun. I didn't really think about how much time we spend outside but I'm starting to rock the Missionary tan. Yep, my toes are super white and I have a watch line haha it is pretty great.

I've been working on my Spanish vowels... Elder Artal (from Venezuela) who is in the branch with Elder Hall, Sister Martinez, and me is trying to help us (Elder Hall his trainee and I) sound native. Problem is I still can't hear the difference between my A's and when he says them. Hopefully with time lol. 

So we had the chance to go down to Terra Bella this week. It is so pretty, and it is ALL orange groves. There really isn't a lot down there as far as population and it is kinda far from us so we don't have the miles to go down there a lot but it is part of our area and we do have members there so I'm hoping I'll get to go back and work more in that area in the future. Anyhow that is where the pictures this week are from. (Oh and the other picture is of the Lock your Heart thing in the Mission Office... We all got to paint a lock and then lock it up on that board. It correlates with a talk about locking your heart on your mission. Basically don't fall in love with or encourage those types of feelings with other missionaries, members, or investigators. Let me tell you from experience it is REALLY awkward and uncomfortable to have an investigator start crushing on you and/or your companion. Like you care about these people and you want to help them and be their friend but in no way do you even remotely think about them in that way. Ok off my soap box and back to the letter/email lol sorry for the side tangent). 

The Branch is getting a new Branch Presidency on Sunday. It'll be interesting to see the changes that brings with it. 

Funny story for the week! Haha Oh I love the branch and the members we have. They are so great. So we were at dinner and Elder Hall and I became guinea pigs. The family wanted to see how much hot sauce and spicy things we could eat. They were staring and laughing as we tried to eat our sandwiches with Hot Sauce. Bwhaha and then they had their kids bring us some flamming hot or hot n spicy cheetos... I wish I could describe the looks of anticipation on their faces as we ate. Priceless. But we ate it and it was good. haha I still haven't worked up the courage/will power to try the chile pepper things yet though. 
Speaking of food; I've been working through those Carnation Instant Breakfasts haha It's really nice to have things that are fast and can be on the go (although jokingly someone told me I had coffee at Ward Correlation Meeting on Sunday lol). Also thanks Dad and Kim for the box :)) I was so excited. Especially about chocolate covered pretzels. 

I had a bug fly in my eye while bike riding this week. But that is about all the exciting news that I have for this week. 

Love and miss you all!! 

Hermana Miller

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