Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One month in the Lord's Vineyard

FAMILY!! (and friends)

Sorry no pictures this week. I sometimes forget in the week to take them as we are so busy. We had a recent convert tell us that we need to slow down because we are always rushing and going super fast.... and we laughed because there is so much that we already don't accomplish and so many people that we know are waiting for the gospel in their lives. 

This week was EASTER! How great a blessing it is to know that Christ really does live. To worship the Living Christ and to know that we have so many blessings in our lives because of him. I don't think I will ever fully fathom all that is included in the Atonement and what all it really gives me. But I am grateful that each day I get the opportunity to learn a little more about his life from the scriptures, and try and more fully incorporate his example into my life through my words, thoughts, and deeds (not that I am any where near having that perfected yet... sooo far from). 

Have you all seen/heard of I think that is the link... anyhow they are legit. Not like the old seminary videos that were shot about a gazillion years ago. If you want the bible to come alive then I recommend checking out the videos, I have only seen a couple but I really like them, and by really like I mean I LOVE them. 

BUGS: Yep some bug stories from this week. Where are my brothers to kill the icky bugs when I need them? LOL. I got some (like 6) random bug bites on my left foot earlier this week. They kind of itch and are splotchy. I might have to get them checked out if they don't go away soon. Then we had the chance to do service for a former investigator. Bed Bugs really exist. GROSS. That is the only word that I have. Anyhow we got to help him bag up all of his clothes and belongings so that the house can get detoxed. I don't think I brought any of them home with me (thank goodness). Yeah I still hate bugs. But hey the Lord is helping me become stronger right?

This week the Relief Society had an activity kind of like a little pioneer activity. It is so cute. There are so few of them but they really do work so hard to stay so strong and faithful and to help one another. They all had sewed this bonnets and aprons special for the activity and they all wore them and had a little potluck as they kind of watched an English Pioneer video in the background which none of them could understand haha. There was also a ward Easter activity/ BBQ. So great :) lots of love in our little branch. Oh yeah and we did get a new branch presidency this week! They are all from the branch, they think this is the 1st time they have had an entirely Hispanic presidency here. It's awesome. 

I continue to see miracles as the Lord softens hearts and prepares me to teach and find. One of our progressing investigators whose husband was super closed before is slowly coming around. Instead of ripping up her materials he occasionally sits in on lessons now. We have been praying for this family so much and we asked his wife to pray for him as well. This week he was in a severe car accident. No one was severely injured thank goodness. But as a result of the accident this man has taken a second look at his life. He feels that he has been preserved by the Lord. We know that this is true and that is for a specific reason. He accepted a priesthood blessing after his accident. He felt the Spirit during it. It is truly a miracle.  

Hermana Miller 

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