Monday, April 22, 2013

Parsley... mmmm Delicious

Family and Friends!! 

I love and miss you all. Your letters are little rays of sunshine and brightness each night, and I am so grateful for all of your love and support. 

This week has been another good one with LOTS of missionary work, laughs, and miracles. Sister Van Wagoner is a great companion and trainer and I am so grateful for her. I also like the little commuter towns of Los Banos, Santa Nella, and Dos Palos where I serve. The people are truly prepared. 

So funnies of the week: 

1. Sister Van Wagoner making salsa. She goes this Cilantro doesn't smell that fresh as she cuts the green leaves and sticks them in the bowl with the tomatoes and onions. So I look at the little stems and rubberband and we had bought Parsley not Cilantro. haha We had a good little chuckle about that one. Apparently Salsa with Parsley isn't as yummy, or at least so she told me. Maybe by the time I finish my mission I'll have developed a liking for some type of salsa. 

2. It was REALLY windy here this week. Sooo windy. And as we went to one investigator's house we needed to open and close the gate when we drove in. Of course as passenger and junior companion guess whose privilege that became? So I climb out and go to this double door gate I finally unlatch it and get it open and the gates blow wide open. That was all fine and dandy till I'm stuck standing out there trying to reach both gates to get them closed again. With one in my hand, hoping the wind will blow the other one back to me again, I have hair EVERWHERE so I can't even see (I should have wore a ponytail but I didn't). Finally the wind caught the other gate door and blew it back to me so I managed to get them closed. But as I climb back in the car I looked like such a rag-a-muffin. Sister Van Wagoner was crying she was laughing so hard at the whole scene. idk maybe it was one of those you had to have been there type stories. 

Other News: 

We had another baptism this week. He is such a great kid. John just soaks up all the truths we give him. And he is setting an awesome example for his family. He was nervous how they would treat him after he was baptized, but they respect him and his decision and have told him they are happy for him if this is what makes him happy! :) I guess even his uncle who was giving him a hard time before, now is even watching his language around him and not swearing as much. 

Got to jump in a bounce house with Giselle for her birthday. (Not sure if that was breaking a mission rule or not but we did it haha). She is a daughter of a recent convert. She gives the best little three year old prayers. 

I got to meet Micky. She is truly a miracle story. She just showed up at church and was like I have been clean for 7 days. She shared how last week she found out her mom has cancer and that has motivated her to want to change her life. As we talked I asked her how she felt that now she was at church and she told me she felt God's presence around her. The spirit was so strong that we both started crying. She felt he had guided and directed her there. She said she had hesitated at the doors but she just felt something pushing her to go inside. She had drove to the church on an empty gas tank and with a blinking low fuel light. I know that God is helping her to overcome her drug addiction, I know that he loves her personally. I know that she is a daughter of a king and that he loves her and is so proud of her and her decision to change her life. 

I gave a talk in one of the wards sacrament meetings (20ish minutes on Coming Unto Christ). I also ended up translating the closing prayer into Spanish during the other sacrament because Sister Van Wagoner was giving it (I gave the opening prayer). We also taught the Spanish Sunday School class as a VERY last minute thing. It was on the Priesthood, and we didn't have matching manuals. But I think it went well. There were only 3 Spanish speakers so it was a small group, more just like discussion. 

We are blessed with lots of investigators and receptive people. We teach a LOT. I have hardly gone tracting or knocking on doors in this area at all. I think maybe five doors total. Mormon Helping hands is coming up this Saturday for us. Plus Zone Conference on Friday. So it's going to be hard to schedule everyone in this week, but we will do it. 

Love and miss you all!! 

Hermana Miller 

PS Ethan, if you are reading this where are you? You've got me a little worried. 

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