Monday, April 8, 2013

Transfer Calls and Living Apostles


How are you all doing? It has been a jam packed week here for me! 

So I guess I will start with the news since that is what is foremost on my mind. I am being TRANSFERRED! Crazy huh. That almost never happens during a training period (the first 2 transfers or 12 weeks of the mission in the field), but it has for me. I am going to Los Banos on Wednesday. Completely new Zone, new Area, and new Companion. This was so out of the blue for me. I did not think that these transfers would affect me, or really my area since Elder Hall is training too but it has. Everyone else is staying here and Sister Martinez is getting a new trainee from the MTC.  I am excited and a little sad. I am excited for the change because I know obviously that is where the Lord wants me but I am also sad because I was just starting to get the hang of it here in Porterville. Yeah for more packing and moving hahaha. 

I have been learning so much about pride and humility this week. I have learned that I actually am a pretty prideful person. Yeah that was a kind of startling realization but at least now I know and I can work on it haha. 

This week we had Presidents interviews and then a Zone planning session. We also finished moving out of the old apartments and into the members house. It took two whole days to clean that entire apartment. Which meant not a ton of missionary work happened on those two days. Kind of a huge bummer but that is ok. It brought back memories of times cleaning for military housing. Hahaha but I didn't have to mop the ceiling this time so that was good. 

I got to try these mini bananas this week. They are pretty cute, but as far as I could tell tasted like a normal banana. 

Out of my comfort zone? Yeah that happened too. We sang for some investigators. Like ONLY Sister Martinez and I. So that was "fun". Haha she just threw it out there like hey we are going to sing for you and I was like huh? and Next thing you know I am bright red and sweating bullets. But we sang the Spirit of God in Spanish and I did it. It invited the Spirit into their home so that was good. 

The Porterville 6th branch has two 8 year old girls getting baptized on Saturday! Yay. I love them both. We have got to teach them a couple of the lessons and I am sad I will be gone before the actual baptismal service but I am glad that they get to have this ordinance and that they have accepted the gospel. They are both just so precious. 

Almost died? Yep that also happened. Biking this week and suddenly I had no brakes as I come up to an intersection. No worries I sacrificed my left foot to the pavement and stopped before streaming headlong into traffic. No major injury sustained and even better my shoe is ok. lol But it was strange because the brake had been working just fine. Idk some how the brake pad itself had slipped down and so it wouldn't respond to the squeeze of the brake bar. 

And of course I have to mention General Conference! How great is it that we have a living Prophet and Apostles on the Earth today?! I love conference. I got something out of every single talk (but yeah I was a little tired by second session on Saturday) But like the elders say conference is better than Christmas to missionaries. I just loved how much they talked about families and that Christ is the Prince of Peace. So many of the scriptures they used I recognized from my study of the Easter project (reading all the references to Christ in the topical guide). 

So all in all things are pretty splendid in the life of Hermana Miller. (plus I have a ton of taquitos... yay sour cream). 

I love and miss you all so much. I love all of the letters that I receive, thank you for taking time to think of me and write. 

John 7:29 "But I know Him: for I am from him, and he hath sent me". 

Hermana Miller    

PS I think I said the wrong link last week to the bible videos its actually Hopefully that's right. 

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