Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Running After Corn Man

Hello Family and Friends!!
How is life?! Things are going great here! I've included pictures of Sister Parra and I out in front of a Walnut grove/field, and one of her with her "Elote" (mayonaise covered corn then drenched in cheese and chili powder). That Elote story was pretty funny. We were driving down and we see the man with his bike cart, so I pull over and we get out. Sister Parra then runs down the street to catch up with him hahaha. It was great. She also bought tamales out of the back of a trunk from a man we met while contacting people the other day haha.
Miracle this week was us NOT getting in a car accident. (No I wasn't driving erratically!!) We were stopped at a light and were the 1st car in the line up on the right hand lane. The light turns green and we and the minivan in the left lane start going at the same time... when all of the sudden this blue cube car makes an illegal left hand turn. I couldn't see that car till I should have been smashing into it, BUT somehow (miracle) my foot was on the brake and there was no accident. I could literally feel the wall of angels standing in front of our car bumper as a buffer between us and the cube car. It sounds crazy but I swear that is exactly how it went. I am so grateful for prayers and for a loving Heavenly Father, as well as a special blessing of protection from President Gelwix last Zone Conference to all of us if we were being obedient and following the rules.
We had one of the BEST Zone Meetings of my whole mission this past week. I love the Atonement and studying it with a room full of missionaries just brought it that much more to life for me.
I got to go on exchanges with Sister VanWagoner this week in Turlock!! I love her! It was just like we were companions again. I can't believe it has been so long already. We have both grown so much, but still it felt like picking up right where we left off. We are just the best of friends. While on that exchange we were out offering prayers to people when we met Louisa. She was very adamant that ONLY the Bible is true. Thing is as I read and study the Bible more and more it just confirms to me how true the Book of Mormon is. I LOVE how the two books really compliment each other and work TOGETHER to testify of the Savior and His divinity. Both reaffirm my faith and strengthen my resolve to always strive and be more Christlike.
I also gave a talk in Sacrament yesterday... in Spanish. That was a little nerve racking still because my Spanish still isn't where I'd like it to be, but all in all I think that I did alright. And truth be told I think my language skills are slowly improving. haha.
Keep smiling and know that I love you!!
Isa. 26:3
Hermana Miller

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