Friday, November 29, 2013

"The Lord's Rugby Team"

Family and Friends!
It has been a good week here... so many eye opening experiences here that are helping me to keep learning and growing. There was a mother and daughter who got in a major fight after/during our lesson with them. It caused me to reflect a lot and think about relationships, how I act and respond to others. As I was considering all of this I was thinking that maybe I don't want to become a counselor... that is a LOT of stress. I also made a decision that I never want to raise my voice; that is the surest first sign that the Spirit is not there. Other conclusions/thoughts: In the heat of an argument can I compliment or appreciate the person that I am disagreeing with? STOP comparing people! Everyone is unique and has there own struggles and strengths. We can only look to see if they are trying to improve each day. Am I really listening? Be humble not right!! Lastly remember to put everything else aside and look for the love and exemplify charity.
Miracle experience of the week: The miracle of the change of heart! A certain sister in the branch has been struggling with an addiction to cigarettes and a slew of other problems. She has soooo much faith though and we were able to witness that first hand this week. We went over and shared the John Tanner video with her. Once it was over we were discussing it and we knew that she had felt the Spirit. Sister Parra was doing a lot of the talking (this member is particularly difficult to understand due to her very fast Spanish lol). As they were talking Hna Parra asked her if she would like to give us her cigarettes. This member responded with an excuse. I felt prompted to open my mouth. I vaguely knew what direction the conversation had taken... but really I didn't understand a major portion of it, yet as I opened my mouth the Lord's promise really came true and my mouth was filled. I reminded her that she had felt the Spirit while watching the video. I then asked her what happened after John said he believed that Jesus had performed miracles in Bethesda. (This is the part of the film where John's leg is miraculously healed as he acts on his faith and throws down his crutches and begins walking). It took her a minute to think it through, but as she realized her answer and began telling us in her own words she got up mid-sentence and went to her bathroom and brought out all of her cigarettes and matches. Wow; It was so beautiful. And she's been clean for almost a week now. She is such a pillar of strength and a wonderful example to me of faith.
Other exciting news of the week was that the branch temple trip had a turn out of 85 people!!! YAY! We are so excited for them and the spiritual momentum that they are building.
"The Lord's Rugby Team" was just something I overheard the Elders saying and I liked it...  ;)
And I remembered my camera cord this week to send you the photo's from George's Burger too haha....
Matt. 14:31 "And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith , wherefore didst thou doubt ? "
Love and Miss You All! Make it a great week!
Hermana Miller

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