Friday, November 29, 2013

Internal Peace Despite External Turbulence

First order of business... NO MORE CANDY.  PLEASE don't send me sweets!! I have gained way too much weight and I am trying to be more healthy and that is hard enough only being in control of what I eat for breakfast and lunch. So thank you for your love, but just don't do that to me haha.

Interesting week this time around. We were asked to help with a rosary this week... I've never even owned a rosary so that was a little interesting. Needless to say we politely declined. 

We also had the most unique dinner experience this week. We went to a part-member less active family's home. Her son is a gang member and well that pretty much summarizes it. He was very rude and we all felt uncomfortable. He was calling everyone a fool and just being so obnoxious. Then as we sat there one of the Elder's has his bag stolen by another brother of the family. No worries though we recovered the bag and there was no fights. I just was so surprised that in spite of the external worry that I had I felt such a surreal internal peace.  It is so wonderful the calm that the gospel can bring into our lives as we move closer and closer to the Savior. 

The most fun I have had on my mission was playing JENGA with another less active family. Their two children were so good! haha. WE managed to stack that tower pretty high before I time was out and we had to go. 

I've also been really loving the John Tanner story this week. I think we watched it twice with members. Faith is so crucial to everything else. We have to have faith before we can see and receive ANY miracle. We must have the faith which we act on to then receive the promised blessings we so need and desire. (If we want strong muscles to dig a ditch... dig the ditch and the Lord will bless you with strong muscles!) 

We also had the most blatant direct rejection on my mission this week. A very nice older woman told us "I reject your teachings". I just thought to myself wow... I mean I was appreciative of her direct truthful manner but I was also caught off-guard. People will reject your teachings, they will reject your invitations, but really they aren't rejecting you... they are rejecting the Savior. As I thought about that while we walked away I felt sad for her. 

Gross moment of the week? Laughing so hard last night that pizza throw-up came out my nose.... I'm sorry that is disgusting, but truly it happened just like that. (Someone will appreciate the humor of it I hope haha).

One of my favorite dinner experiences was last night at the Billikopf's. I may have already told you how they have us each prepare two doctrinal questions from the scriptures that we can ask each other during dinner (you must know where the answer is before you ask the question), but truly that is the BEST dinner conversations I've ever had. I always come away feeling so uplifted and enlightened. 

I hope all is well!! 
Love and Miss You!! 

Ezek. 36:26

Hermana Miller 

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