Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Knocking,Baptizing, and Laughing

Hello Family and Friends!!

It's been yet another busy week here in Coalinga! Last Monday for preparation day we went to the Coalinga Museum. It was rather hilarious. We took a few good pictures to send home with the random artifacts. Oh Coalinga and their Horny Toad Races.... 

This week we also got lasered at through a peephole. Haha. We knocked on this door and they turn the front porch light on but don't answer so we knock again. Next thing you know there is this little red light (like from a laser pointer) shining out the peephole at us. It was so strange that we were just cracking up laughing and the people never opened their door. [Maybe this is one of those you had to have been there stories? haha]

Little Sara was a character this week in our lessons. She had somehow got it mixed up and was calling Satan "Mason" and it was pretty funny. Then when we were reviewing her baptismal interview questions and mentioned praying morning and night she stops us, "wait wait wait... you're telling me I have to pray morning and night?" I was like yes everyday when you wake up and before bed. And she goes, "Oh I didn't know that! I thought it was just at night... thank you for telling me!!". hahaha I love children and their eagerness to learn. At the very end when we asked her if she was ready to be baptized she said, "I was BORN ready!" 

I gave a training this week on kneeling prayer in district meeting. It was really powerful to me to see how well Heavenly Father truly knows each one of us and what we are struggling with; that He then gives us the opportunity to study it out and apply it more thoroughly in our lives. I really enjoyed reading the entirety of the Joseph Smith History again as I prepared for the training. Even though I explain that story on a daily basis here as a missionary, it was completely different to really study it for myself again from the perspective of kneeling prayer. It is incredible that every part of the restored gospel was given in answer to a sincere question asked through a knelt prayer. And really even the Savior knelt in prayer when He preformed the Atonement, the most incredible and loving act of all history. I still have a lot of work to do to make my prayers effective and sincere at the level I want them to be. 
We were blessed with more rain this week! It kind of makes you feel like a real missionary to have to go out and fight the elements I think. It gives me a greater appreciation for all of the wonderful things that I do have (like the car). 

I learned that R.U.S's from the movie "Princessbride" are REAL!!! Hahaha there is a hunter in our ward and he has a mounted Javalina at his house. They look like the Rodents of Unusual Size and they are legitimately classified as a rodent in the world.... pretty awesome. 

I finished reading James E. Talmage's Jesus the Christ this week. That was really a wonderful read and I feel like it helped me connect a lot of little dots to know my Savior better. 

Funny of the Week was when I was calling and left a voice-mail for one of the members and as I go to hang up instead of saying goodbye I say "in the name of..." haha it was so awkward but there was no way to erase it or make it not weird so I just laughed and said goodbye and hung-up. But I felt like that was a good indicator of my status as missionary haha. 

Two baptisms this week!! Damien and Sara were both baptized! I love them and they are awesome. They are so solid and really love the Lord. I have grown as we have taught them and I have felt their faith strengthen my testimony.

Somehow last minute we ended up teaching the Spanish Sunday School again this week. But instead of a nice lesson from the gospel principles manual they wanted us to teach from the Old Testament Pamphlet about the Abrahamic Covenant.... awesome. None of the people there even knew what it was, and neither Sister Johnson or I had our Spanish scriptures there. I don't think I could have even taught it in English well, but somehow we plowed through it and I think it was ok haha. 

D&C 25:13 "Wherefore, lift up thy heart and rejoice , and cleave unto the covenants which thou hast made."

Love you!! Have a great week!! 

Hermana Miller 

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