Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Squeezing Sunshine from Every Moment

There is just so much goodness this week I don't even know where to start! 

This morning we were able to go over to a swap meet in Hanford and it was awesome.... street fair collides with garage sale on steroids. Who would of thought that such a place could bring such happiness, but it did. We even ran into the local Hanford missionaries there! Meaning I got to pal around with Sister Sorensen for a little while :). 

This week was our Zone Conference and car inspections. Well let's just say that the little corolla doesn't do so well in Coalinga anyhow, and then driving it all the way to Porterville there wasn't a chance of us winning! I think the frustrating part was there is NO car wash her in town so we had to wax it all by hand and really that just attracted all the pollen to it worse than normal. Either way it was fine though we didn't lose miles over it. While we were there the Porterville 3rd ward provided us lunch and so that meant that I got to see Sister Christensen (the 1st member I ever lived with on my mission)!! I hadn't seen her since I got transferred out of Porterville almost a year ago at the very start of my mission! It was the best! She asked me if I had been a leader. I said no. She then said well then surely you've trained. Again I said no. She stood half-embracing me with a grip on both of my arms looking me straight in the eyes and asked if I was ok with this. I surprised myself when I answered her that I really was ok with it. Before and at the start of my mission I was so sure that I would train that I would be a leader, especially with the huge influx of sisters after the age change and just how everything was working out time wise... but those aren't positions that the Lord has asked me to fill here. And really I am ok with that. I feel that I have done what He wants me to and that is enough. I feel that not having those positions has allowed me to focus on the work, members, and my investigators. It also has helped me to stay or become humble, because it never is about me or my status. Truly the Lord always knows just what each of us needs to grow and progress. So that reflection was a tender mercy to me this week. 

The day after Zone Conference Sister Johnson and I were on fire! We were so pumped and we had a great day with 13 quality lessons. We just were going going going and everyone was at home and it was fantastic. The rest of the week was a lot more difficult trying to catch our investigators at home, but it was still pretty good. 

Service this week included more ceiling scraping for one member and moving some investigators in our skirts. We had already told this couple we would help them move if they let us know when. Well then we were driving to go see another family when we saw the wife getting in the SUV. So we stopped to talk with her and asked again when they were moving. She said right now; follow us! We did. Then they had us pray over their home with them and all their other non-member friends before a single box was moved in! It was awesome. Next thing you know we were hauling couches in our church clothes haha. (I guess after all the times missionaries have helped us move it was only fair that my turn came around on this side sometime haha). 

We were able to teach the Youth Sunday School class again yesterday and Young Womens. It went really well in both classes we felt. The young men had even brought a friend from school with them! So we reviewed the Plan of Salvation with them and answered his questions. 

I am really doing well. There are still hard days and rough moments where I get homesick or things don't work out, but I am really happy. Lots of laughs, letters, and poppy pink nail-polish set the world aright. (Of course with the help of prayer and scripture study... haha). 

Hermana Miller

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