Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Role Plays Really Do Help...

Hello Family and Friends!

It has been another good week here in Coalinga. We got our transfer calls Saturday night and Sister Johnson and I will be staying together in Coalinga! I am really happy about that. We have some good things going on here. One of those being a new investigator out in Huron. We contacted a media referral and for the 1st time on my whole mission it wasn't a joke or faulty address! Miguel is great and even though he had been given the Book of Mormon 3 years ago he is finally starting to read it! He feels that we were sent into his life at this time for a reason and he wants to prepare himself to be ready to take the next step and be baptized! YAY! 

We also started working more with the youth here this week. One of the young men set up an appointment for us to teach two of his friends from school at his house. It was awesome! We are so excited to go back and teach them again tonight for FHE! The hilarious moment of the week though was when we set him up to testify perfectly by asking what was one thing he had learned from the Book of Mormon he said, "That being a missionary is hard.... Did I just make this awkward?" hahahaha. It was so funny. But the Spirit totally covered us and it was still a great lesson where the girls asked us some fantastic questions. Plus that experience gave us the idea that we needed to Role Play with the youth here so that they will know how to share their testimonies when those opportunities present themselves.  So we went and taught the youth Sunday school class yesterday. (Yes, it is that small that ALL the youth ages 12-18 are in there together). We just had them practice testifying to their friends of one thing and then inviting them to do something. I think it was a great experience for them. Each of them said they felt more prepared afterwards. 
Sister Johnson & I with our gift necklaces

We also were able to do a lot more service this week from scrapping popcorn off of a ceiling to helping a blind widow buy groceries. There really is nothing that compares to service. I love it so much. You can talk about the gospel but it isn't stiff and awkward, and people just genuinely need the help so they will let you come over. It almost makes me wish I served in the days where you had to have so many hours of service each week haha.  

Random quote of the week: "I may be the black sheep of my family, but even the white ones get a little dirty sometimes." Haha

Much Love,
Hermana Miller 

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