Monday, May 20, 2013

Bumbadum.....TRANSFER CALLS!

Another packed week here in California as a missionary of the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been getting word that there are lots of you are having sealings/weddings happening. Congratulations to each of you, I am there in spirit and wish I could be physically present to show my support; I love you all so much. I guess coming on a mission I kind of naively thought everyone else's lives would pause while I took this adventure. Of course they haven't but I am so happy that all of you are finding happiness. 

This week I was able to experience the "exotic" flavor of Cactus. Interesting. It kind of looked like green beans. They cut it up and boil it and then it had other things with it kind of like salsa with tomato and cilantro. It wasn't bad, not my favorite but good. They served it with tortilla chips. Beware you will have bad breath after the fact though... haha. But I won't lie I LOVE all the fresh fruit we get here. The strawberries and cherries are so good... They are so much more flavorful than what you get in the stores. 

We had a zone service project in Merced. We got to plant plants while the other elders and sisters tore down a fence, painted a fence, ripped up a patio, built a deck, installed lighting electric, and did plumbing repairs. It was a good time. Sister VanWagoner really LOVES yard work. haha She will randomly comment on trees as we are driving. I love it. 

Funny of the week: We were really tired on Sunday morning after transfer calls it was kind of hard to sleep. So long story short we didn't reset the alarm after we left the house, and so it went off (from the night before) and the security company called the member we live with and asked if they could send out the police. Needless to say we had to turn around half way to church and our meetings to go straighten it out. Lol good times. 

We taught the achievement day girls this week! That was a lot of fun. We taught the ten commandments with hand motions. They have a lot of energy and some good questions. We also had a few more lessons with Anthony (a 12 year old boy who is preparing for baptism). His friends were over and so we got to include them in the lesson and give them each a Book of Mormon. It can be a struggle though because then the next time we taught with them all there they were shooting rubber-bands at each other and just generally not focusing. It is in those struggles that I wonder if I am even making a difference, BUT I know that Anthony wants to learn and that I am here for a reason. 

So TRANSFER CALLS!! Where did 6 weeks go?! Seriously it feels like I just got here and now I am done training! Sister VanWagoner is leaving for Turlock. I am going to miss her so much. But Sister Sorensen is going to be one of my new companions!! One of... yeah that's right I am getting TWO new companions. I don't know the other sister yet. I am not super excited about being in a Trio... I think it is going to be really hard to get ready in the hour we have each day and just it is going to change everything about the work in this area. I should be good with change after a childhood in the military but no I am not... still working on it. I'm really glad that Sister Sorensen will be one of the companions though and I think all in all it will be a good change. Having two companions will help me to be more obedient and learn. I will be designated driver again. I am nervous though because even though I am still a junior companion I am the one who was here for six weeks already and should know everything/everyone. Being pseudo-in-charge kind of is giving me anxiety. Good thing the Lord knows what he is doing and that he won't give us anything that we can't handle. 

I love and miss you all. Thank you for writing. 

Hermana Miller 

I'm sorry if this letter is short or missing key things but this public place where we email once a week is kind of ridiculous right now and it is distracting. There are all these hooligans in here being immature.... looking up inappropriate material, swearing, and of course talking about church and "the mormons". 

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