Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Family and Friends!! 

Lots has changed in a week! I am now in a TRIO or Tri-panionship and it is rough. You think it is hard to get along with just one other companion but then suddenly there are two, and the three of you are trying to figure out how to teach together and share everything... it's fun. We even have a bunk bed so that we can all still be in the same room (mission rules). Luckily for me though Sister Sorensen is taking her turn on the top this time around lol. It is kind of crazy that I just finished training and here I am leading this area. I mean technically I am a junior companion but thing is that I am the one who has been here for 6 weeks already so I am the one who knows everyone and what is going on. I have really surprised myself with how much I know. I really can lead this area. I mean yeah there have been a few minor mess ups but all in all I really do know what is going on and who needs what and where everyone is at. Blessings from the Lord I tell you. It is stressful but rewarding. 

We had the chance to go do service this week and that was fun. I got another minor sunburn from being out painting a fence (well staining/sealing it really), so I am hoping I really will be able to say I am tan someday. Then we were also able to go and help a less active member who is moving by cleaning his miniblinds... I think I will just buy new ones when my future miniblinds get dirty haha jk. It was kinda gross and there were a few spiders, but I survived ;). 

In case you were wondering Tri-tip is the equivalent of Brisket apparently, and I think it was rather delicious.

An interesting thing I came across while I was studying this week was the conference talks and how they really address what is important for our time and how all of the topics interrelated. There were 9 talks about Jesus Christ. Obviously EVERYTHING centers back to our Savior and Redeemed so I think it makes sense that the most talks were about him. Then there were 7 talks on the family. I think that is a pretty good indicator of it's importance. And just think Heavenly Father sent us into families for a reason... he wants us to be happy, and he wants us to be able to learn and grow with each other. I truly love my family so much and I hope that each one of you knows that. Then there were 6 talks about missionary work. Wow. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. It is hard and there are many times that I want to quit but three are sooo many blessings. I get to see how missionary work allows me to help strengthen other families, I can see how my service is helping me to learn and change as a person to prepare me to be a better wife and mother, and I can see how my time as a missionary is allowing the Lord to give my family so many more blessings. Our leaders are inspired, they received inspiration to share those messages with us. I encourage you to go back and listen to at least one talk again from this past conference in April and see what you get out of it that is different than when you heard it the 1st time. (In case you're curious the next highest talked about subject was a four-way tie with each being discussed in 4 talks between adversity, priesthood, repentance, and service... how perfectly all of those relate to the 1st three subjects of Jesus Christ, Family, and Missionary work). 

Lastly yesterday we got to go to YOSEMITE national park!! Oh it was AMAZING! I love nature and to see the wonderful earth that our Heavenly Father has created for us. It was so much fun to walk around and see glacier point and bridal falls. The Bethams were so kind to drive us all the way out there and show us around. Then we got lunch at this fun little place called the Happy Burger. It was a refreshing trip and reminded me a lot of pre-mission life and road trips. Go out and see the natural wonders in your neighborhood! 

I love you all!! 

Hermana Miller 

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