Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Lessons

Family and Friends! 

Another good week here in California. We had a Sister's Conference which was really motivational and uplifting. Just a good reminder that we are good enough that we can do this work! Sister Gelwix's motivational affirmation quote of the event, "I may not be perfect but parts of me are EXCELLENT!". I am working really hard to be happy in the moment; to learn to look for and appreciate the things that I do well throughout the day. :) After sisters conference we had exchanges and so I went to Atwater with Sister Poston for two nights. That was a lot of fun and a good break of the routine. We got lost after dropping off some other sisters in a different area on our way home so that is why we are out in the middle of some farm/grove land who knows where haha. The road literally just stopped and we were like um well I guess this isn't how we get back to your apartment lol. 

This week was also a very strong reminder for me to not be so judgmental. While Sister VanWagoner was in a leadership training I was on exchanges/splits with Sister Wallentine (a brand new missionary) in Fresno. We were out knocking doors and this woman answered at one of them. Behind the screen I saw three facial piercings and no one who would want to hear our message. I wrote her off in my head and thought this home is a waste of time. She sounded angry and told us to wait a minute, the door partially closed and I thought someone else was going to come yell at us....  I was so so wrong. The next moment the door opened and this "woman" invited us in. She ended up being a 15 year old girl, oldest of seven children, whose mother had died a year ago. (Yeah tell me how strongly I felt chastised in that moment). We sat and taught this daughter of God about eternal families on Mother's Day weekend when a moment before she had been feeling the sting and pains of death without knowledge of the plan of happiness. You simply cannot judge people based on appearances... apparently I need to relearn this daily. I don't know who or when the people I talk to everyday have been prepared by God to receive this message, all I know is that I need to love more freely the way my Savior loves me. 

Still learning :) 

Hermana Miller

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