Sunday, September 7, 2014

El Fin (June 2, 2014)

Mark & I... I love this little guy!

This may be the hardest of all the emails to write... Not because I am sad, but more because there is no possible way to summarize everything that my mission has been. So perhaps I won't even try. It has been a good ride, but I am ready for this portion to come to an end and for life to continue on. Really I don't even have any really good stories from this week that I am not going to send pictures of anyhow so maybe I will just keep it short and sweet. I am grateful for the time I have had as a full time missionary and representative of Jesus Christ. I love the gospel. I am so blessed to know that Heavenly Father loves me and each and every one of us, that He has a plan and that families can be together forever. Jesus Christ is my older brother, Savior, Redeemer, and best friend. And with that knowledge life doesn't have anything that we can't make it through. I love you all and I can't wait to see you!!

The Stunning Grape Vineyards of Kerman

When you are thoughtless and taking pictures of the vineyards,
sometimes you stupidly kneel down in a red ant hole.... 
Sometimes we just leave little chalk notes for people... I pretty much love it! 

I would say it is time to retire these puppies.... 

The Worth of a Sole... Soul?

Hermana Miller 

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