Sunday, September 7, 2014

Turnin' Up The Heat! (April 14, 2014)

It is getting pretty hot here in Coalinga and on my mission as the weeks keep rolling! 

We had a great lesson with Miguel this week and the bold missionary in me busted out and off script I went. As President Gelwix would say I called an "audible". I just went to the baptismal questions and asked Miguel each of them. He answered all of them perfectly and yet still doubted if he was ready to be baptized. We invited him again and he accepted a date for this coming weekend! From that lesson on we have seen such a change in him! He is so much more into everything he is learning, it is like his desire just shot through the roof. Having inspired goals really does make us work harder! He even brought a friend to his baptismal interview and so we were able to teach them while he was being interviewed! It was awesome. 

I probably lived the most missionary-ish day of my mission this past week. Sister Johnson had to go to some leadership meeting and so that meant I was on exchanges in Lemoore with Sister Bee. After personal study and during companionship study I look over and only see house keys sitting on the desk. With a sinking feeling I ask if she had got the car keys from Sister Gneiting (who alwaysloses the keys in the bottom of her purse). She hadn't. That meant that all of the plans for the day got wiped out because we couldn't go to the other town in their area like they had planned for. It also meant that I got to walk all day in the California sun. By the end of that I was sunburned, stinky smelly with sweat, and had some killer blisters on my foot (apparently even with 1.5 year old shoes you can get blisters still haha). It was just a hard day where all the circumstances and elements were working against you it seemed... rejection after rejection and empty house after empty house... yet I felt surprisingly calm. I knew there wasn't anything I could do to change it and so I just kept going. Then at the last house we would have time for before having to walk back to the chapel there was a Hispanic family out in the front yard playing in the sprinkler. (Sister Bee is an English sister serving in a Spanish area). I took the lead and began talking with this family and asked if we could pray with them. Turned out they had just moved there from San Francisco and were looking for a church! When I asked what they were looking for in a church they said a good program for their kids. They readily let us pray with them and set not just one, but two, return appointments and committed to come to church on Sunday! As I shared 1 Nephi 3:7 with them and told them that they would be provided for as they righteously sought to instruct their children the wife/mother began to cry. This day was a tender mercy from the Lord. Some days on missions are filled with many lessons and you feel like you have helped touch and strengthen a lot of lives. But some really special days you know that you are led to the one special person or family and those few minutes with them help you both come closer to Jesus Christ. 
Another really funny comment I just have to tell you about in relation to the story above was Elder Silva one of my Zone Leaders at the Leadership meeting upon learning that Sister Gneiting had the keys there around 4pm looked at Sister Johnson (my companion) and said, "Sister Miller is gonna be ticked!" hahaha. I will take that as a compliment to my strong personality haha. 

Another great quote from Sister Cassity this week about how to stay classy was, "keep it simple, and shiny is good!". bwhaha I love the members. 

I got told that I look country this week. That was kind of surprising to me, but I guess like they say you really can't take the country outta the girl. 

Lissette is going on a mission!!! She is one of the young adults living here and we are SO excited for her. We weren't expecting it, but she has made a stellar decision. When we first got here the whole ward kept telling us it was for her. I am not so sure about that, but I hope that the times that she has been able to go on team-ups with us and will continue to in the future will continue to bring the Spirit into her life and be a positive influence for good, and she'll feel ready for her mission. One of the things she said about her decision that I really liked was that this will be a learning experience for her as she "jumps outta the boat and into the water". How true that will prove to be! I know it has been for me! Really her coming to this decision is a much better story than I have time to write currently so be sure to ask me about it after the mission! 

Have a great week! I love and miss you! 

Hermana Miller 

PS. Sister Johnson's family sent us these cute matching pajamas. So we had to take some pictures! 

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