Sunday, September 7, 2014

In the Land of Kerman (April 28, 2014)

Hello family and friends! Another week come and gone and it still boggles my mind. Packing for my last transfer was a strange sensation knowing, that in six short weeks, I will pack my bags for the last time and make the trek home. It has also been weird to arrive at this transfer and for people to do the math after they ask how long I have been out... but enough of that I have lots of good little adventures from this week that I want to tell you about! 

One of my last nights with Sister Johnson we tried to name all the 50 states and their capitals from memory after 10:30 lights out. Only New Jersey eluded me! haha. I wonder how many missionaries talk about those things. True nerd status strikes again.

Kerman is good. It is different and it is a struggle to adjust again. I have probably struggled more with transfer than any in the past, but I am trying to make the best of it. I think I started to see some of my purpose in being here Sunday when I got some lists and saw a number of things that I can help improve in this unit after attending ward council and church. 

We taught a "Spanish" class my first night here. They have been trying to teach some of the English members how to testify and pray in Spanish so they can be team-ups for the Spanish lessons. Let's just say I am still NOT qualified to instruct someone else on the Spanish language. I can get through the lessons and converse about gospel subjects enough to be understood, but my Spanish is still FAR from correct. All in all though I think it turned out ok and we helped them to learn something. 

This week I had the best broccoli of my whole life! Steamed and buttered and then sprinkled with salt and pepper. Don't worry we bought 2 bags today so we can recreate it at the apartment. haha. 

Funny (or maybe strange is the better word) story of the week was going to contact a referral and being ushered right in to an apartment with a "cageless quail". Oh my goodness. I wish you could've been there. This man had randomly caught this little chicken looking thing a few years back and just lets it freely around roam their apartment. I was dying laughing on the inside. 

Sister VanWie and I also had the chance to go do some service this week. There was a member who recently lived in the ward who probably is best described by the word hoarder. (Like TV worthy hoarder.) I can't begin to describe the amount of stuff that was out in this house/warehouse/place. It was crazy. But it still felt good to be able to help her pack all this stuff before she moved and lost the property. (Another quite funny moment was the Elders taking some of the action figures from the donate pile to keep for themselves). 

Then on Saturday we went to the Mormon Helping Hands Day of Community Service. We were at some park in Fresno (Yes I cover part of Fresno now... how gross! I wish I could have stayed in the boonies/ small towns my whole close!). We were working on a burm (full circle again... made me think back to last year doing burms in LB with Sis VanWagoner). We raked leaves and pulled weeds and then ate pizza. 

I love you so MUCH!! Have a great week! 

Alma 19:7 "infused joy into his soul"

Hermana Miller 

P.S. Picture of the BEST ice-cream truck I've ever seen (my goal is to purchase something from this truck before I leave here!)

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